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What is the Snowshoe Mountain Top Assessment (MTA)?

What is the Mountain Top Assessment?

Regarding the Mountain Top Assessment, Snowshoe Mountain Inc must provide services for you and your guests. These services include Public Safety, common area maintenance, common road maintenance, shuttle bus service, and snow removal. To pay for these services, they collect an annual “Mountain Top Assessment” (MTA) from homeowners.

It is worth noting that the assessment cost does not include fire protection services (provided by Shaver’s Fork Fire & Rescue). Instead, the Snowshoe Resort Community District has approved the funding for these services in its budget.

How is the Assessment Calculated?

The calculation of this assessment is defined in the declaration. It is determined by multiplying the property’s assessed value (established by the Pocahontas County Assessor) by the rate specified annually. The assessment rate for 2023-2024 is set at 1.0%, reduced from the 2022-2023 rate, which was 1.5%. This reduction is based on increased property values.

When is the Assessment Due?

Payment for assessments is typically due by October 5.

What is the Snowshoe Resort Community District?

The Snowshoe Resort Community District comprises Snowshoe Mountain Resort, several commercial businesses, and more than 2,000 residential properties within the greater boundary of the Resort. These individual stakeholders share a common interest in maintaining public safety, fire protection, transportation services, road maintenance and the maintenance of various common area amenities that benefit community members, both through personal enjoyment and the enhancement and protection of property within the community.  

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